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The Right Dental Office For You 

Need a Dental Appointment Today?


It's easy to find a dentist but, it is the right dentist for you?  Everyday we welcome new and emergency patients of all ages with, or without, a dental plan to our award-winning Honolulu office in Ala Moana. Ala Moana Dentistry is consistently listed as Best Dentist in Honolulu Magazine, Best Dentist in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and America's Top Dentist. We are also highly rated by Yelp, Angie's List, Google Reviews, Facebook, Health Grades, and even A+by  the Better Business Bureau.  Our dentists specialize in conservative cosmetic dentistry however, we offer all services from Invisalign to dental implants. And we promise to be sensitive to those who are having an emergency or haven't been to the dentist in a while.

We accept all dental plans and participate with most.  THE BEST PART IS... even if you don't have a dental plan- we offer our own. 

OUR GOAL IS to help you make a healthy smile part of your lifestyle!

No Dental Plan? No Problem.


For patients without a dental plan, we offer the Ala Moana Dental Plan where people can have affordable dental coverage for as low as $199 a year or $19 a month. Members of the Ala Moana Dental Plan will all receive reduced fees of 40%-60% on all services that our office provides.

Our Dental Plan has:

  • No wait periods
  • No annual limits or maximum
  • No credit checks
  • No pre-authorizations for treatment
  • No paperwork or claim forms
  • Plans for individuals or families
  • Payment plans for extensive treatment
  • And accepts all pre-existing conditions

ON THE OTHER HAND... For most patients with a ​participating dental plan our office provides FREE cleanings, exams and digital x-rays (radiographs) with no additional fees except state tax.

Convenient appointments Before or After Work


Well if you're like most of us you don't want to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the dentist. Ala Moana Dentistry makes it convenient because we offer convenient early morning and late evening cleaning appointments year round. Click here to make an appointment today. 

open Mo Tu Th Fr 7:30am-5:00pm

open some Wednesdays by appointment

open during lunch time

great availability of appointments

punctual appointments

secure & fast computerized check-in (electronic health record)

accepting ALL dental plans and a provider for most

iPads, WiFi, sunglasses, blankets and neck pillow for your comfort

phone, text, email and post card reminders

fully validated covered garage parking

professionally cleaned restrooms

Chip reader credit card terminal with Apple Pay and Android Pay

accepting major credit and debit cards, person and company checks, cash, flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings account (HSA)

Award Winning is Worth It.

Being a patient at Ala Moana Dentistry means you will have confidence in our highly skilled and approachable dental team as they are regularly awarded Best Dentist by local people and local professionals in Hawaii. In addition to being listed as a best dentist, Ala Moana Dentistry has been praised by patients on Yelp, Google and on our Facebook page.

The American Society Of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry Fellow 

Honolulu Magazine Best Dentist 

Star Advertiser Best Cosmetic Dentist

America's Top Dentist

National Dental Honor Society

Better Business Bureau A+ rating

4.8 stars on Yelp

5.0 stars on Google

5.0 starts on Facebook

Plus our dentist graduated #1 in their dental class earning Valedictorian

See The Same Dentist Every Time.

Isn't it comforting to know the dentist knows you?  Personalized service comes from knowing your patients.  At Ala Moana Dentistry patients are people first.  Our office is big enough to offer convenience and small enough to offer personalized care. If you want to find a trusting dental office...look no further.

Pride Knowing Your Plan.

Ala Moana Dentistry provides stress-free billing.  We know and understand your dental plan.  After many years of experience we have seen it all.  Our team will contact your dental plan before your visits to find out as much information as possible.  We have a hotline to all major dental plans and know the right questions to ask so we have accurate answers for you. We will provide an estimate before all treatment and maximize your dental plan for every procedure.  If you have any questions, all you need to do is ask and we will be happy to help.


The Golden Rule is great...but the Platinum Rule is better. 

When you know and apply the Platinum Rule...that's when you found your superpower...

...and that's what makes our team great.  

And now I will share Ala Moana Dentistry's superpower...THE PLATINUM RULE.

 "treat others the way they want to be treated."



Although more challenging, THE PLATINUM RULE proves to be a more rewarding philosophy for us and our patients.  Ala Moana Dentistry`s mission is to UNDERSTAND our patients while providing them with the highest quality dental care at affordable prices.

THE BEST PART IS...we encourage our patients to participate in making all decisions.  

We are a conservative dental practice devoted to total care that focuses on proper function while addressing your cosmetic dental concerns.  We pride ourselves on long lasting results and long lasting relationships. We will strive to apply the Platinum Rule and offer solutions that meet your needs in a caring environment. 


We Pay It Forward....

Ala Moana Dentistry offers a loyalty program because our patients are terrific people!  It's people like you that make it fun to come to work every day, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate. We would love to take care of more people like our patients. Refer friends, colleagues or family members and our office will give your a $20 VISA gift card and a $20 credit to your referral's account. This is one way we can show appreciation for your trust.

We even offer a promise & guarantee.

We promise you will be treated with respect or your treatment will be free.

For most people this seals their decision to make an appointment with our office. Knowing that our dentists care is a huge comfort.

That means our relationship does not end when treatment is finished...

You can call, email or come in if you have any questions with the dental work performed in our office.

We can offer this promise because we are sensitive to every patients situation and we are confident in the high quality work our office produces.

Ala Moana Dentistry cares that you are satisfied! 


People who get great results find a dentist that has high standards?



Many patients do not know what level of care they should expect from their dentist.

AT ALA MOANA DENTISTRY we hold ourselves to the highest standard of care! We use the finest materials, modern equipment, high quality dental labs, and treatment planning that provides patients with excellent options.  

PROS and CONS...every treatment option has them...However, once educated, we encourage our patients to draw their own conclusions as to the best treatment for them.  

THE BEST PART IS...Without compromising care, we always maximize the use of our patient's dental plan or dental insurance.   

 Does Education and Experience Matter?


 But you're probably wondering:

"How can I evaluate the doctor's education or experience?"

Our doctors graduate from ADA accredited institutions and are licensed to practice in the United States.  Our doctors have years of experienced and have seen complicated cases. For most procedure we can show before and after pictures so our patients know what results that can expect. Also, our doctors take the time to answer your questions!  One-of-our main goals is to have educated patients. When patients are educated they become empowered and have sense of control over their treatment. 



 You Are Safe At Our Office!



 YOU MAY BE WONDERING... "How is my personal information protected?"


We follow HIPPA guidelines which help to insure the safety and privacy of your data.
Our office: 
has a private check out area
has a private conference room
has secure electronic health record
has locking file cabinets 
has a credit card reader that uses the latest chip technology (with Apple and Android Pay)
has a sophisticated Sonic Wall firewall protecting our computer system from cyber threats.
Your personal information is safe with us!



Your health is of primary importance to us. We spend countless hours reviewing infection control in our office to avoid cross contamination.  To protect our patients, and ourselves, we strictly maintain sterilization and avoid cross contamination applying standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Every room and instrument is disinfected and sterilized after each patient. Unlike some clinics, we are never to busy to pay attention to the fundamentals of having sterilized instruments and germ-free rooms. 



 Our Team Attends Annually Trainings.

We are proud to tell you that our doctors and staff are highly trained.  Our doctors are licensed in the state of Hawaii, have more than years of experience and have graduated top of their class from an ADA approved dental schools. All staff are licensed and/or certificated in accordance with Hawaii state laws. To provide you the best possible service our office regularly participates in continual education seminars.  We attend dental lectures, meetings, and dental conventions to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment.  Also, being members in good standing of the ADA, HDA, and HDS helps us to stay abreast of the changes in our profession. Finally, our dentists lecture nationally and internationally on a variety of topics.


We saved the best part for last

We care that you will have a positive experience!

In our office you will be treated like family!  In most cases we know our patients by their first name.  Our office takes the time to answer all your questions, work with your dental plan or dental insurance, and recommend an appropriate treatment. 

The longer you are a patient...the better we can get to know you...the better we can assist you. 

While all dentists graduate from dental school, not all dentists have top-notch skill or deliver personalized, sensitive and gentle care.  At Ala Moana Dentistry, we provide both: exceptional skill and gentle care. 

The best part is...we will earn your trust, not just  by our words but, through our actions.


Our office is ready to service the people in the Ala Moana, Waikiki, Diamond Head, Downtown, Kahala, Kakaako, Kaimuki, Makiki, Kapahulu and surrounding neighborhoods. We ensure your dental visits will be convenient, comfortable and easily integrated into your busy lifestyle.


As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.


At first I wasn’t even concerned in straightening my teeth, however my American husband had partly forced me into doing it. The only time I had to take if off was when I had to eat, and everything else was still the same. No one had noticed it because it is transparent. My teeth got straightened before I even knew. When I compare the photos I took when I first started invisalign to today, there is a huge difference. As a result, I am very happy with the outcome and it certainly was worth the money!

Yuka Nishimoto 02/2011

This dental office was clean and everything was modern and brand new! They even had ipads in the reception area. I was greeting nicely and seen on time. The doctor was kind, gentle and informative. They took me into their conference room and did a good job explaining my insurance and divided my treatment into 2 phases so I could spread it over 2 years and use my insurance to pay for most of it. They even validated my parking. This was the best dentist I ever had.

Jason Kobashigawa 05/2011

I recommend this doctor to anyone. I even talk to people at work about Dr. Watanabe. I love the way she interacts with her patients. She's very professional and personable. Also, she takes her time asking questions and answering questions. She is such a wonderful person overall. The office alone is stunning with ipads in the waiting area and the staff are just so friendly and very ALOHA! They're just fabulous... she's so cute too-my Dentist. :)

June Esau 11/2011

I have been to quite a few dentist offices and Ala Moana Dentistry is the best. Stacy is an asset to your business and makes me very comfortable in the chair. Stacy always makes my trip there great because she is very personable and makes me feel very comfortable. Stacy makes me feel welcomed and assured that I am getting great care because she is very confidant and really seems to know her stuff. Dr. Watanabe makes me feel like I am getting superior care and it shows in my teeth and gums. Thanks so much!!

Chad Middlesworth 11/2011

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